How we can help your international business

Overseas research

So you have decided to launch your product or service into a new market. Let us research the possibilities for you. How big is the marketplace? Who are your main competitors? Where should you position your company in the market? It'll save you a lot of time in the long run knowing you are selling the right product to the right target market at the right price.

Translation of documents

e.a.m. International can translate your specialist documents, be they business contracts, requests for tender, technical specifications or insurance policies from and into any language. All our translators are NATIVE SPEAKERS with experience in the field they translate. We use state-of-the-art translation software to provide a high level of quality and consistency.

Foreign copywriting

Far from the style of technical translations, our creative writers can produce your website, advertising campaign or other marketing and PR material in pretty much any language you choose. They start from scratch in your client's language and culture to get the message across in its original form to ensure nothing is lost in translation.

Interpreting (translation of the spoken word)

We provide skilled interpreters for conferences, court cases and much more besides. These linguists are trained in the spoken word and ensure that the message between two parties is communicated clearly and efficiently ensuring you don't lose time and money through misunderstandings and hesitations.

Support at international business meetings

What if one of your customers calls you to their HQ for a meeting? Why not take a native speaker to support you at meetings with overseas clients. This will ensure you have truly understood what your client wants to say and that nothing is lost through linguistic misunderstandings. Our interpreters are experienced in business meetings and negotiations. You never know they may even help you win a deal!

Cultural advice

Suppose you are about to produce a new advertising campaign in a country little known to you. Let us preview your ideas and put them in front of our team in your client's country to make your advertising campaign as successful as possible. We check before you launch the campaign that it is ethically and culturally acceptible in the target markets.