16 Hilarious Tyler The Creator Tweets That Will Make You Say "what?" (2024)

Even if you are not a fan of hip-hop, every now and then a Tyler the Creator tweet will pop up onto your Twitter timeline. Though many celeb tweets are created by their publicists for promotional purposes, any tweet disseminated into the Twittersphere by@tylerthecreator is his own authentic creation. How do I know this you wonder? Well, personally, I don't think his publicist would call Jaden Smith an idiot (yes, this happened) or tweet about Tyler's high flatulence levels (yeah, this also happened).

The next time you're having a bad day, forget about looking at cute puppy pics and check out @tylerthecreator’s Twitter account. Most of his tweets will leave you saying “what?” with a confused look on your face but trust me, they’ll also make your day a little brighter. Check out Exhibit A below.

16 Beware Of Dehydration

The next time you feel weird (and not the good kind of weird), it's probably because you're dehydrated. But wait! Before I keep writing, let me just ask you, what is the "good" kind of weird anyways? Is it the feeling of butterflies in your stomach after a first date goes well? Or is it the feeling of butterflies in your stomach when you're about to have explosive diarrhea?

Our pal Tyler thinks this not so “good” weird feeling is a common cause of dehydration, which I guess kinda makes sense when taking into consideration the actual symptoms of dehydration which make you feel all spaced out and dizzy. With that said, make sure you guys stay hydrated. Lots of water = health and also, great skin!

15 Jellyfish WILL Take Over the World

Alien world domination, the zombie apocalypse - psshh, forget about these crazy phenomenons. According to Tyler the Creator, the true fall of mankind will occur because of jellyfish! And not regular swimming jellyfish...DRIVING jellyfish.

The idea of driving jellyfish makes alien world domination and the zombie apocalypse sound realistic (no offense Tyler). To make matters worse, since the jellyfish Tyler is talking about will learn how to drive, in addition to entangling us in their stinging tentacles, as if we are boa constrictor prey (ewww!), they are ALSO going to run us over with their jelly-cars to make sure we're not just dead but overkilled.

14 Your Ankles Look So Cute Today! #AnkleAppreciationTweet

Aw, thanks Tyler. Like I said, when you have a bad day don't fret! Tyler the Creator's feed is not only full of confusing tweets that will make your forehead crinkle but it is also full of compliments that are strangely motivating.

The inherent "what" reaction to this tweet most likely springs from the fact that ankles aren't usually a body part we like to compliment. Sure, the basic compliments like, "you have nice eyes," "your hair looks great!" "wow, love your outfit!" are the one's we are used to, but something like, "dammnnnn! Your ankles are lookin' fine today" is something that is definitely uncommon to hear. Not to mention the picture he posted alongside his tweet. Look how positive and happy he looks! Love yourself and love your ankles, message received Tyler.


Ya! Sports! As you can see, like many of us who yell at hockey players to, "score a goal" and basketball players to, "get it in the net," Tyler the Creator is an expert on all things athletics.

If you can't already tell, I'm being sarcastic. Clearly he is not and he makes it quite obvious. I'm not going to deny the fact that I, much like Tyler, know nothing about sports and guess what, I don't even really care that my knowledge is lacking. GAAASSPPPP, have I shocked you? Let me try to explain. As Tyler displays here, for those of us who are sport illiterate/have a low sport IQ/are not at all considered sporty-spice. Sports become generalized under the category of athletics, where one individual sport becomes the same as every other. I'm sorry to all of you fanatics, really I am, but for some of us #sports just aren't our thing.

12 Uhhh, What?

Relax, relax, there isn't any real beef here - the two rappers are friends and this tweet was just playful banter between the two. As we already know, Jaden Smith, much like Tyler, is an iconic tweeter. On top of making us laugh, the many strange and nonsensical things he says online also make us crinkle our foreheads in confusion. This means both of their Twitter interactions are readily awaited for by all of us fans and when they talk to one another online, an explosion of excitement, retweets, and favorites is guaranteed.

I'm not a Jaden hater but of course if this were a real argument, I'd take Tyler's side. Im sorry to say, but Jaden kind of does sound like an idiot. If everyone in educational institutions dropped out of school, maybe we'd have more street smarts because our heads wouldn't be buried in books all day long. As for overall intelligence, I'm not so sure.

11 Someone Call Johnny Depp STAT

Everyone knows Johnny Depp and Tim Burton have an incredible bond. When taking into consideration the amount of films Tim Burton has directed, it seems as though Johnny Depp has been in all of them. Of course he hasn't, but it sure feels like he has.

Since Tim Burton is clearly dodging our favorite tweeter, I hope Tyler has attempted to reach out to Tim via Johnny Depp. I mean seriously, look how desperate he has become to meet him. He has started reaching out to his fans instead of going directly to the source. Come on Tim! Say hello to Tyler and throw the poor guy a bone. For some reason this tweet makes me imagine Tyler and Tim seeing each other from across a room except as soon as Tim see's Tyler, he bolts. If this is the case, well then that’s just sad.

10 Celebrating America!

A very angry and somewhat glumTyler expressed his disappointment on Twitter about missing the 4th of July; the most American of celebrations. The thought of missing this special holiday caused him to take matters into his own hands (literally) by threatening to grab a piece of paper and burn it in his hotel room. If you are away from home on the day it declared its independence and can't get your hands on fireworks to celebrate, what else can you do but burn paper for the same fire-y but not so poppin' effect.

Lighting a piece of paper on fire INSIDE a hotel room seems hazardous. I would definitely not advise doing this in any indoor setting, unless you're a fire expert or something. Anyways, at least he got to join in on the festivities, even if it was kinda lame!

9 Cooking Can Be So Confusing

For those of us who constantly run into problems while cooking (because we pretty much suck at it), these are the dumb questions we ask ourselves as we hold pots and pans with blank expressions on our faces.

Knowing how to do something like grilling beans seems like it would be common sense but for people who are challenged in the kitchen (AKA ME), it can be a very confusing task. Tyler the Creator may not know how to grill beans but lemme tell you, he makes a mean cinnamon waffle. Last year he starred on The Greatest Cooking Show Everand shared his secret Eggo recipe with fans. If you don't believe me, check out the video of him cooking ithere. It's, and I quote, "The Greatest F@!$ing Cooking Show of All Time."

8 Oh! You Stanky!

I told you he tweeted about his high flatulence levels. When most of us fart, we don't usually like to share it with others. In fact, we tend to deny the very the act of farting as soon as someone hears us do it. "It wasn't me! That was not a fart!"

Tyler the Creator is a different story. He has stinky farts and does not care who knows it. In fact, he has gone on various Twitter rampages about how disgustingly smelly his farts are throughout the years. In one instance he even claimed his farts could "kill goats." If you search up "Tyler the Creator farts" on the Twitter search bar you will find a gallery of fart tweets by Tyler himself. I say gallery because what he has left behind on Twitter for us to read is art. He most definitely put the 'art' in fart.

7 Forever Alone But It's Chill

Ever sit in bed with a tub of ice cream when all of a sudden the fact that you're super single sets in and you realize you have no one to kiss on days like "International Kissing Day" or "PDA day" or "girlfriend day" or "boyfriend day." You get my point and don't even deny it, we've all been at a similar place in life sometime or another.

Hey, it's chill though, because guess what? I bet the people kissing other people on special days like these don't have what we have. You know what that is? Mother-bleeping independence. We can eat a God-damn tub of ice cream all to ourselves in bed. NO SHARING. No one to bother us for a little taste. How great is that? Everything we have is ours. The only person we have to worry about is OURSELVES. Come on guys, it's great.

6 Chika, Chika, Slim Shady

Though Tyler is a fan of all things Eminem, I am 100% sure this tweet was not inspired by Slim's hit "My Name Is." To be completely honest, I have no idea what this tweet means or where the inspo for this tweet came from. What thought process does one have to go through to tweet out something so hilariously random? Please tell us Tyler we need to know!

I wish more celebs would use Twitter like Tyler the Creator does. He's so liberal with the caps lock button. WE SHOULD ALL TWEET IN CAPS EVERY NOW AND THEN, IT MAKES THINGS SO MUCH MORE EXCITING. Also, the caps lock button allows us to read things in that little yelling voice we hear inside our heads, which only makes tweeting even greater.

5 When You Try To Freestyle Sean Paul Lyrics

In March of 2013, Tyler the Creator tweeted lyrics to Sean Paul's newest comeback song. HA, gotcha! He didn't, but it's pretty believable right? Let's all take a trip back to 2005. Scenario: you're on the road with with your closest pals and Sean Paul's "Temperature" starts to play on the radio.

Whenever this happened, the only logical thing to do was to turn up the music immediately. Even though no one truly knew what Sean Paul was saying and when everyone tried to sing - the result was a disastrous and uncoordinated mess of screeches and tone deaf beltings. But peoplewould sing along at the top of their lungs anyways.Singing to Sean Paul was a unifying experience that would leave you deaf, but it was also totally worth it every time. When his songs play today, the same rulesapply and it's just as amazing as it was back in 2005.

4 Young Leo Makes Us All Fall In LEO-ve

Tyler's love for 1990's Leo only makes us love Tyler even more. This picture of young Leo was tweeted out a few days before pop culture history was made. The day Leo won his first Oscar. After a series of tweets praising the Titanic star, it became clear that Tyler had a big man crush on DiCaprio. Who can blame him really? The man is beautiful.

In seeing this tweet, you can only imagine Tyler's excitement when Leo was awarded his first ever Oscar! After years and years of starring in incredible films, Leo finally had his moment of glory. Tyler also probably had a moment at this point. Though the whole world was ready for Leo to win an Oscar, Tyler probably had the same reaction a guy would if their favorite football team was crowned champion of the Superbowl when Leo walked on stage.


Slow down world, don't end yet, we have some stuff to do. If you think about the world ending and then think about your own death (eeek! I know it's grim), you'll soon realize that the world is a ginormous place with so much left for you to do. Not to get super deep and emotional on you, but just think of all the places you haven't travelled to, the foods you haven't tried and the people you haven't met yet. You still have to do that Europe backpacking trip you've dreamed about! Eat authentic Chinese food in Beijing and meet the love of your life unexpectedly!

The end of the world needs to hold off a bit and let us live so here's to hoping it doesn't end as soon as Tyler thinks it will.

2 Mmm! A Perfect Midnight Snack?

Hmmmm...a man with a very strange palate. I can't imagine this tasting good. Also, I'm not so sure about you, but the pink piece of salmon inside the melting ice cream makes me feel a bit queasy. Even though he has an entire tray of fruit with him, which would taste much better mixed into ice cream than fish, he still chooses salmon. No wonder he keeps farting. This can't be a good mix for your stomach to endure, let alone one's gag reflex.

Despite the rather unsettling photo of food, Tyler's complete and utter originality is what makes him as exciting as he is. I can't think of any other celebrity that would tweet a photo like this. And quite honestly if I were hanging with Tyler, I'd try his salmon and ice cream combo.

1 When You Catch Yourself Catching Feelings

Among the bounty of wonderful tweets Tyler has left for us, this is by far some of his best work. His confession about love left many of us confused because he repented his initial thoughts 14 minutes later by saying "never-mind." He squashed his previous enlightened outlook on relationships with just three letters. Amazing.

When you realize you're catching feelings for someone, it's all rainbows and butterflies until you soon realize having feelings for someone will turn you into an emotional wreck. If this is what happened here with Tyler then good for you buddy, you saved yourself some heartache but more importantly, you made us chuckle. With these 16stellar tweets now on your radar, I urge you to keep an eye on his Twitter page. You never know what Tyler the Creator is going to say or do next. What you do know is that he will put a smile on your face even on the crappiest of days.

16 Hilarious Tyler The Creator Tweets That Will Make You Say "what?" (2024)
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