Bathing Noah - Chapter 2 - Tomhasissues (2024)

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The weeks following my first bathtime with Noah were the most sexually exciting time of my life, up to that point. Taking turns licking private parts with my older brother and our neighbor girl were times I'd always cherish, but I was far too young to have a proper org*sm then. My first experiences as a horny teen with an equally horny girlfriend or the wrenching intensity of betraying my wife for strangers' co*cks were memories that made me hard every time. Molesting my little friend Noah, however, was better than any of it.

I didn't even consider it molestation. Taking advantage, sure, but I was always tender with my sexy toddler toy. His smile and laugh made my co*ck leak while I caressed and kissed him. I couldn't dream of ever hurting him, I thought.

I wondered if Noah's mother ever noticed the bulge in my pants after her son had been sitting in my lap. Amy, bless her heart, appeared oblivious. She wasn't stupid, just preoccupied. It never occurred to her that her roommate was subtlety grinding his hard co*ck against her son's ass while they watched cartoons or that he often slipped his hand into Noah's diaper to fondle his penis when they were snuggled under a blanket.

The best times continued to be bathtime. I was altruistically volunteering to bathe little Noah about once a week. I didn't want to come across as over eager! My go-to routine was coming home sweaty from the gym and offering get Noah in the tub with me for a scrubbing and rinsing before bedtime. Amy never turned down the opportunity for a few minutes to herself.

It was so liberating to close the bathroom door and be completely free to play with my living, toddling cum doll. I never got tired of undressing in front of Noah. He would babble and wander around the room, and I would shake my hips to send my hard pedo co*ck slapping back and forth. This never failed to get Noah's attention and he would come waddling, hands outstretched. He was getting good at our games! His favorite was to bend my erection all the way down until it was pointing at the floor, then let it spring back to attention. This made us laugh hard enough that I worried Amy might get curious about what we were up to.

Each bathtime I brought myself to org*sm using Noah in a different way.

Face-to-face came first (pun intended). I squatted and spread my knees so my hard co*ck jutted out like a proud lone tree rooted atop my dangling testicl*s. I scooted my boy toy up against me and slid my hot throbbing erection between his legs. The arc of my member pressed up and between Noah's sweet baby-plump bum cheeks. With one hand I reached down to feel my co*ck head protruding from between the child's soapy buttocks.

I bit my lip. I couldn't moan like I wanted. I let Noah lean back and he looked down to where the base of my co*ck disappeared between his legs.

"co*ck!" He bounced himself like he was on a spring-loaded bouncy horse.

"Shhhhh.... yes, you're riding my co*ck!" I whispered excitedly. "Your co*ck is cute too!"

The boy's pale kiddie dick was exquisitely juxtaposed with the thick, throbbing pedo co*ck pulsating hotly between his legs. The friction of the boy's chubby toddler thighs on my co*ck was too good and i released my cum in spurt after wonderful spurt.

Humping Noah from behind was just as wonderful. I slipped my raging hard on between his legs and guided him back until my glans popped out in front of him and he was comfortably straddling my shaft. I felt my curly pubic hair push against Noah's pillowy-soft butt cheeks and saw his plump ass compress like a marshmallow when I gently rocked my hips forward. I felt little curious fingers exploring my co*ck head. I looked down over the boy's shoulder and we both took in the sexy sight of his tiny, pink toddler penis resting atop tip of my purple engorged pedophile co*ck.

I wrapped both arms around my baby boyfriend and softly professed my love into his ear. I kissed the back of his neck and f*cked his soapy thighs harder. He started to wiggle and fuss but I held his tiny frame more firmly and rested my cheek on the top of his head. I loved the boy's thick dark hair so much! I kissed his hair while I came.

Any novel way to slide my co*ck over Noah's wet body was explored- back and forth across his smooth chest, on my back with both our hands stroking, or helping him stand directly on my dick with his soft child feet.

Tonight, we played yet another new game. I bent down and kissed his co*ck.

"Uncle Tom kiss," I explained. Noah smiled his sexy drooling smile.

Then I aimed my adult member at his prepubescent co*ck.

"co*ck kiss!" I announced as I bumped our genitals together.

"co*ck kiss?" Noah looked up at me with complete trust and innocence and that was the ultimate aphrodisiac.

I held the tip of my dick against the toddler co*cklett before me. I stroked my shaft in a blur. In seconds I was exploding gobs of hot cum on both our bodies. As I gasped and milked out the last drops of my seed, I realized Noah's inch-long penis was no longer soft and rubbery but as stiff as my own. I was in love.

Noah's toddler erection subsided as i rinsed my load off his creamy skin. I dried off my cooperative little plaything and agreed enthusiastically with all his babbling. I put on my robe and carried my naked little charge to his room. Amy popped out of her room as we passed.

"Is everybody clean?" She asked.

"Clean for the time being," I answered.

I handed Amy her son and turned to go downstairs but Noah called out, "Tom book! Tom book!"

Amy smiled sheepishly. "Are you up for reading Noah a book?

How could I say no after everything this adorable child has given me? Amy pulled some diapers onto Noah and buttoned him into his soft cotton pajamas. We picked out a silly book about a zebra and I took a seat in the chair next to Noah's crib. My bathrobe barely came down to my knees and I felt an invigorating draft of air swirl around my balls as I let my knees part.

Amy never looked better to me. Her sweatpants weren't doing her body any favors, but her t-shirt was tight and accentuated the curves of her heavy, free hanging boobs beautifully. Her nipples were visible enough to give me a vivid mental picture of their firm rubbery texture between my lips. I wanted to bite them tenderly through the fabric. The way she stood holding her son on her ample motherly hip, her lustrous hair rendered imperfect after a long day, her tired-but-content smile, all made me want to lay Amy down on the carpet and f*ck another baby into her. My blood pulsed, my co*ck expanded.

The child was the cherry on top. His brown hair was as thick as his mother's. It gave him a hot "tiny businessman" look. Noah's full lips and pudgy pink cheeks made him even more alluring. The boy's equally pudgy fingers gripped and tugged innocently at Amy's nearest breast.

Amy handed me her precious son. I settled his little body into my lap and propped up the book. Noah immediately began fidgeting with my robe, like he was trying to get inside it.

"Okay, okay," I laughed. I opened the top of my robe and the squirming tyke slipped inside and nuzzled against my chest.

I kept my breathing under control but my heart was racing. I had a toddler boy inside my bathrobe and his mother looked like she thought it was the most adorable thing in the world! My little bundle of joy stretched his body against me, his movements loosening the belt of my robe. My co*ck shifted and thickened.

I finally got Noah wrangled and laying back against my chest. I got him to focus on his book. But I wasn't focused at all. Noah's feet were resting on my dangerously stiffening co*ck. I could feel my face turning red. Now every movement the child made caused his soft feet to shift against my sensitive penis and further excite it. He curled his tender little toes and I could feel precum ooze.

I wished we had a blanket over us but my erection wasn't immediately noticeable in this position. Amy wasn't going anywhere. She was keeping herself busy straightening things and listening to me read. I was able to get a few laughs from her with my improvisations. By the time we finished reading about the zebra's adventure for a second time, Noah was nodding off.

The warm weight of his little body just felt right on me. His feet were no longer moving but his soft sole resting on my co*ck still felt incredible. I was rock hard.

I longed to really f*ck Noah's feet, to spray my pervert cum on his toes. I wanted to see Amy lick my seed from her son's body.

Amy was coming over to put Noah in his crib. We made eye contact before I opened the top of my robe. She reached for her boy and lifted him from his cozy nest. This opened my robe a bit more. For a moment, the top of my erect penis was fully exposed. There's no way Amy didn't notice my fat, swollen glans peeking out.

Excuses began running through my head but she didn't comment on the engorged dick her toddler son had just been sitting on. When she turned to lay Noah in his crib, I quickly stood up and retied my robe belt to keep my hard co*ck constricted.

We both cooed goodnights to our little man. In the hall Amy stopped me.

"Thank you so much for everything you do for Noah. I feel bad for asking as much as I do."

"Amy, this is working out great for everyone. I love Noah and I love helping you out."

"Noah loves you, too... I don't want to put pressure on you or anything, but you're really important to him. I think Tom is his favorite word."

Amy hugged me. Her large breasts pushed against me and my lingering hard on pressed against her. She kissed my cheek.

I headed down to my room to masturbat*, and thanks to Amy, I came thinking about f*cking an adult woman for the first time in months. I drifted off, wondering what kinky adventures were to come.

Bathing Noah - Chapter 2 - Tomhasissues (2024)
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