Free Printable Space Valentines for Kids with Six Fun Space Designs (2024)

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Free Printable Space Valentines for Kids Post Preview: In this post, you will find a set of free printable space valentines for kids to print and hand out to friends and classmates. You will also find more resources and free printables for celebrating Valentine’s Day with kids.

Valentine’s Day is great, isn’t it? Sure, I’ll admit that I don’t remember the last time that Eric and I exchanged anything for the holiday. But, that’s not why I love Valentine’s Day.

I have always loved it because Valentine’s Day always meant a party at school. In fact, the Valentine’s Day party at school was always my favorite of the year. The homemade boxes for collecting valentine cards and goodies from friends was the best.

Probably because I have such fond memories, I have several sets of free printable valentine cards for kids here on the site. This year, I’m adding a new set to the collection with these free printable Space Valentines for Kids.

Free Printable Space Valentines for Kids with Six Fun Space Designs (1)

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The space valentines printable page has six outer space-themed valentine cards all on the same page. Each valentine has an area for writing the to and from information.

They include the following wording and designs:

  • “Valentine You’re a Blast” with a planet and rocket ship
  • “You’re Out of this World Valentine” with an alien
  • “You’re Astro-ordinary” with an astronaut floating by
  • “Your Friend Ship is Interstellar” with an alien in a space ship (get it – “friend ship” instead of “friendship” because the alien is on a ship. Okay, yeah, I know it’s corny, but it’s cute too.)
  • “Shine Brite Valentine” with a large star plus hearts
  • “I am Over the Moon For You Valentine” with the moon and a rocket ship orbiting it

Free Printable Space Valentines for Kids with Six Fun Space Designs (3)

How to Print and Use this set of Space Valentine Cards

The first thing you will need to do is download the space valentines document farther down in this post. I recommend saving it to your computer or device since sometimes web browsers do weird things to pdf files. (If you run into issues with the printable, I have some advice.)

These cards need to be printed in color. While I’m sure theycould be printed in black and white, you’ll really lose a lot of the effect. The easiest way to print in color would be to use white cardstock and print them at home on a color printer. (This is the newest version of the color laser printer we have here at home, which we love.)

If you don’t have access to a color printer, you could also take the file that you saved to your favorite copy or print shop and get color copies made. Again – definitely have them printed on cardstock because you want them to be thick like regular classroom valentines that you might purchase at the store.

Here’s a heads up, however. They might give you a hard time at a copy shop and not want to print these for you. Hopefully, the fact that I have written on the file that it’s free for personal or classroom use will be good enough, but that’s not always the case. So, if you have issues, that’s when I want you to pull up this post so they can see the design is the same as what you are trying to print and they’ll see that the site is the same as what is listed on the printable. You can then show them this permission statement:

Hey, copy shop employee – Kudos to you for wanting to follow copyright laws! I love you for that! Too many people don’t care, and I’m glad that you and your store do. My friend here, however, would like to make copies of this file with space-themed valentines, and I’m cool with that. As long as they are making less than 50 copies of it, we’re all good. Thanks for watching out for me. I appreciate it!

Okay, hopefully, I’ve got you all set up with that now.

Terms of Use for the Space Valentines Set

These valentine cards arefree for personaland classroom use.

These space valentines may not be sold, published, or hosted on other websites.If you want to pass along the printable though, please feel free to share a link to this post (not directly to the printable) with others. Thanks!(There are additional terms of use here.)

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Quick side note here. If these aren’t really the kind of valentines that you were looking for, you might like one of the other sets of free valentines from Real Life at Home:

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Download the free Space Valentines for Kids

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Disclosure: This post contains affiliates links. They don’t change the price you pay. However, when you shop through them, we may receive a small compensation.

Free Printable Space Valentines for Kids with Six Fun Space Designs (12)

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Free Printable Space Valentines for Kids with Six Fun Space Designs (2024)
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