Rate Their Chances MultiVersus Edition: Day 135 - Swamp Thing (DC Comics) and Wilt (Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends) (2024)

“WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!”-Mordecai & Rigby
Regular Show
Series Theme: End Credits from Regular Show: The Movie
Alt Theme: Through The Fire and The Flames by Dragonforce/Everybody's Working for the Weekend/Heroes by David Bowie

89%: Regular Show is one of the most popular & well known animated series from Cartoon Network, the series is about a blue jay name Mordecai & a raccoon name Rigby who lives in a house in the middle of a park doing normal jobs ordered by their boss Benson, who’s a gumball machine while also living in the same place as other characters such as Pops, an old man with a huge head, Skips an immortal yeti, Muscle Man a green guy & his buddy Hi-Five Ghost, and later a goat name Thomas, who “spoiler” is secretly a russian spy. The two often get into some series of eventful stuff that ends up going wrong in a crazy way
Playing Rock, Paper, Scissors & leaving it in a tie? A vortex with a monster starts sucking everything up
Play Video Games? There’s a 8-bit devil in a arcade cabinet, wound up fighting the final boss in real life, or face a giant bearded faced dude
Trying to get your friend to celebrate their birthday, you screw up his chant and ended up meeting a council of giant babies.

All of not almost all of what the show does is anything, Anything but regular

The show aired in the same year as Adventure Time and was a massive hit on the network, lasting for over 8 Seasons! 6 Halloween Specials(9 Specials Total), 18 Shorts(and the pilot), and a Movie.
It had a music video similar to Adventure Time, was release on numerous DVD’s plus it’s own Full Series Set(sadly, on Australia), Merchandising such as Toys(That were criticized even on the show), made a couple of video games & had its own Nintendo 3DS Game, Comic Books including an Adventure Time Crossover, and a Vs. Match of Mordecai & Rigby fighting Finn & Jake from Adventure Time was nominated in a poll for DEATH BATTLE Season 10 last year

Okay, the last one was a nitpick but i got nothing else to say.

With the series’ status aswell as it’s rival show being in the game, Regular Show’s gotta be on the game right? Well as far as i know there aren’t any big roadblock preventing any of the characters getting in besides maybe J.G. Quintel, the creator might not let Warner use his characters after what happened with another show he made called “Close Enough” a cartoon that acts like regular show but with a married couple & their daughter+divorced friends and is made for adults, the show was on HBO Max but got removed during The Great HBO Max Purge(a nicknamed i just came up while typing this) and quintel was not happy.

Although, I don't think I remember or know what source exists that proves this theory and makes this case fall into the same situation as Maxwell Atoms’ the creator of Billy & Mandy.
And if it is then who knows if J.G. is the one who would decide despite Cartoon Network owning the show plus if they somehow manage to get any regular show character in the game & Quintel doesn’t show up he’d likely not reprise Mordecai, one of the main characters.

But even then the legacy regular show has is too great to ignore and would be a cartoon network show people would be happy to see, based on a community fan poll(which is likely still going) Mordecai & Rigby are among the top 5 most wanted characters for Multiversus albeit they are tied due to being separate it still doesn’t change the fact that everyone in the community likely want to see the best friend duo of the park show up in the game.

Hopefully it does but for now we’ll be waiting for a real jolly good show to happen.

89%: Regular Show was one of the shows that I watched back when it was airing it’s first 3-4 seasons & was a show i constantly like to mimic. Looking back made me believe that i love the show. I love it’s structure were they take something that’s normal and turn it into something that’s bad or unknown to turn it into a horrific event that the characters have to stop, it was really engaging & has inspired me to make a series i draw almost like regular show.

There are some episodes i love back then such as Benson Be Gone, Exit 9B, and Video Game Wizards. Moments such as The Montage Scene with Dragonforce playing and The Battle with the villains to take back the park, plus, i teared i was left sad when i saw the finale where Pops sacrificed himself to give everyone a good ending and seeing them grow up while David Bowie music plays i got to hear some of his music after that & made me hear more 80’s music after that.

It’s hard to explain it all but Regular Show was a cool show for me and is still is, my mind not agree but it the memories i shared with it i want to look back & know how it was to see a show that was fun. I did miss out on the show before i got to watch it again for it’s final season then later made it for it by watching the whole series on watchcartoononline, if Regular Show ever makes it onto Multiversus i’d play mordecai & rigby for the heck of showing how much i cared for the series and would never forget the childhood it gave me or the inspiration for what i want to do in the future.

Again, Mordecai & Rigby would be my picks to represent Multiversus they’d work as separate fighters but i honestly think they work better as a duo due to all the stuff they’ve done together.
Yes it’s opinionated but still it sounds a lot better doesn’t it?

Skips could also be a good 2nd rep since he is the serious one of the bunch, he does know how to fight, and shares a sad backstory. Muscle Man has good support going for him i can see him working as a hardcore jokey character who does well with his humorous nature aswell as his Serious Side.

Muscle Man: I’m Not Mad
Rigby: Really?
Muscle Man: Nope…I’m Furious!

Pops would also work they’d based his moveset off his playful side aswell as what he goes through in the final season, and Benson would be another good fit to work in his rage fuelled energy from the episode “Benson Be Gone” were he had his greatest moment in the end.

Every Option would work but i’m gonna push for Mordecai & Rigby to get in due to being the main characters of their show.
i hope to see them get in to represent regular show in multiversus, sometime.

Currently i'm going to take a small break from rating but i will get Space Ghost's Ranking out sometime soon, i also wrote down my rating for The Smash Overlap so that one will be release in advance of the next batch.

Edit at 1/15/23 at 11:51 AM: Greetings everybody and welcome to the show

Space Ghost
His Theme: The Opening from Space Ghost & Dino Boy/Coast to Coast from Space Ghost: Coast to Coast
Alt Theme: Ghost Planet National Anthem from Space Ghost: Coast to Coast

90%: Space Ghost is a character from the original 1966 animated series “Space Ghost & Dino Boy”
The show features two different segments focusing on their own set of characters & their stories.
Space Ghost, a superhero in space who saves the world from villains such as Zorak, Brak & His Brother Sisto, Black Widow, and Moltar alongside the team of teenagers plus their pet monkey(does that sound familiar) called The Galaxy Trio.
Meanwhile, Dino Boy is about a kid who survived a plane crash and landed on an island were dinosaurs, mammoths, & caveman have survived and inhabited an island, he now lives with them alongside some other creatures that live on the island too.

The series i assumed was one of hanna-barbera’s finest series getting comics from archie, marvel, and dc aswell as a manga. But it didn’t last long and was likely not the most popular show they’ve made.

However in spite of this Space Ghost has shown up in many pieces of media & is more seemingly well known in a spin-off that would serve as one of cartoon network original series’ “Space Ghost: Coast to Coast'' were instead of being a superhero space ghost is a talk show host speaking with celebrities such as Conan ‘O’ Brian, Matt Groaning, Jim Carrey, Hulk Hogan, etc. he’s also with two of his enemies Zorak & Moltar, who help space ghost with his show. Brak also appears in the show but has been changed from an evil space pirate to a dim-witted weirdo who’s friends with zorak

Coast to Coast has proven to be very popular(moreso then it’s predecessor) spinning spin-offs such as Cartoon Planet & The Brak Show, inspired similar parody series such as Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law and Sealab 2021, it was even the predecessor to Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Coast to Coast also has comics of it’s own and Space Ghost has appeared in plenty of interviews & cameos on other shows such as Robot Chicken.

In terms of his chances, there’s nothing keeping space ghost from getting in and his legacy status from Adult Swim does give him a chance. Although they’d likely gun for coast to coast’s iteration it’s still possible they can create a composite version from the original & the spin-off considering he’s..you know a superhero. Space Ghost could also be a great announcer whether he’s playable or not, heck maybe even brak & zorak would work as announcers too they got what it takes to speak out for the fighters.

70%: I remember first seeing space ghost in a dvd promo showing the complete series of his show alongside Birdman & The Galaxy Trio and Tex Avery’s Droopy, when i got cable i remembering seeing space ghost air but never watched it. I found out about coast to coast later on & actually loved it.

I watched the first two seasons of space ghost: coast to coast during high school and thought it was entertaining. One episode i remember a lot is “S2 Ep 7: Jerk” which has space ghost pretty much acting very jerkish towards zorak, moltar, and his guests while also bringing up his evil twin, i like the part were the galaxy trio tried getting a hold of space ghost only for him to tell moltar to cut them off.

Jace: Paging, Space Ghost
Space Ghost: You? Haven’t i told you never to call me here, Moltar hang up! Next caller
Phone Offline
Jan: Jerk

Or the beginning of the episode were Brak sings the song and Space Ghost says “Who Let That Little Creep On?”
Also while i was rewatching the episode a little bit, I realized the joke with the refrigerator running during one of the calls was also pretty funny.

Man, Those were the highlights.

I think space ghost would have to be in this game due to his legacy and i wouldn’t mind his inclusion as a fighter, in fact i think he’d look cool. I may not know what he’d do from his arsenal but there could be stuff he’s done that would help me learn about space ghost’s abilities plus maybe his history from the original show. Although i’d like to hear George Lowe play him and make some quips for him too such as mentioning banjo.


I'll also be changing out Azumanga Daioh and switching out with Sonic the Hedgehog, there isn't anything warner related giving to the Azumanga Daioh girls yet & if they'll ever get on toonami.

As for why sonic? well he has history with Cartoon Network, he appeared in LEGO Dimensions, and if they were to start getting gaming icons outside of their own here sonic's likely a favorite for the creators.

Anyways, My Nominations
Azumanga Daioh(Swapping with Sonic the Hedgehog)
Marvel Characters(is this option allowed?)

Edit at 1/18/23 at 12:34 AM: added color to the text of the space ghost characters for their quotes.

Rate Their Chances MultiVersus Edition: Day 135 - Swamp Thing (DC Comics) and Wilt (Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends) (2024)
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