The Meaning Of It All - Chapter 29 - Snapeaholic98 (2024)

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๐ŸŽ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ‘‘ (Lucifer's POV) ๐Ÿ‘‘๐Ÿ๐ŸŽ

Lucifer checked himself over in the mirror for perhaps the thirtieth time in the last hour. His foot tapped incessantly on the ground as he fiddled with his tie, and his hair, and his sleeves.

Holy fires of hell was he scared. No. Scared wasn't the right word. He wasn't scared to marry Alastor today. He was nervous. So incredibly ulcer-inducingly nervous. Can Angels even get ulcers? Can Fallen Angels?

He checked himself over again, spinning to the side to see himself at all angles. His white dress shirt and vest were a perfect fit. Lucifer traced the ornate gold stitching along the vest, and dragged his finger along each white silken button. His dress pants were tailored perfectly, not too loose or tight. His white dress shoes were spotless.

Lucifer dragged his eyes up to his shoulders, where a long, white cape was fastened, a gold chain connecting the two sides arched along his chest. The edges of the cape were bordered with intricate golden stitchings.

Yes. He looked ready. So why was his heart pounding so hard against his ribs?

He tried to calm his anxiety, knowing Alastor would feel it. Lucifer began pacing the room, glancing at his golden wrist watch. The ceremony started in less than an hour. Guests should be arriving soon if they haven't already.

Lucifer couldn't help his thoughts drifting back to Alastor.

Was he nervous? He would be wise to be nervous, he would effectively be king consort in a manner of hours.

Was he having doubts? No. Probably not. Alastor was adament that he never does anything he doesn't want to.

Was Alastor ready to bind himself to him; effectively entangling their souls together? That wasn't exactly something that could be undone.

Lucifer paced back and forth along the carpeted sitting room of the Morningstar Mansion. His white and gold cape dragged slightly along the ground behind him.

He glanced at his watch again. He should really be getting back to the hotel. He knew Charlie and the others would be expecting him.

Lucifer conjured a golden portal to the kitchen, not wanting to teleport directly into the foyer in case he ran into Alastor. He didn't really understand the significance of not seeing each other in the hours before, but Rosie was insistent that it was the way things were done. Who was he to argue with the tall, cannibal overlord who was also his fiancรฉ's best woman.

As soon as his white shoes clicked on the kitchen's checkered tiles, he was pacing again. Excited and anxious butterflies fluttered in his stomach. He was excited. He wanted this. He has since the moment he proposed a month ago, probably for longer.

There was just so much to worry about. This was his second attempt at marriage, and as much as he vehemently refused to compare Lilith with Alastor, there were lingering insecurities which seemed to be showing themselves at the most inopportune time.

Lucifer paced back and forth along the length of the kitchen island. It wasn't that Alastor isn't cut for the job. Lucifer was confident he'd take up the role easily and with the grace he demonstrated in every other thing he did. Ruling Hell came with so many challenges, and magically committing himself to Lucifer, and consequently, to the job for eternity is an incredibly serious decision to make.

If Lucifer was honest, the lingering scars within him held deeper wounds than he thought. With his last marriage, it was a mix of the stressors of the job, and personal disagreements that tore them apart. He didn't want it to happen again.

Lucifer shook his head, dragging his claws through his neatly styled hair. This wasn't fair of him. To put these insecurities on Alastor. He hadn't shown the slightest bit of hesitation in the last month. Alastor never gave him any reason to doubt him. He needed to let himself trust him. To take the leap and believe he'll be there to catch him.

And if Lucifer was REALLY honest with himself. He was relieved it was finally happening. Since Alastor's contract break from Michael, he has significantly less power than before. Lucifer had seen the way it bothers Alastor. The way his shoulders have been more tense. His power had been a security blanket of sorts, and though he has been trying hard not to show it, he is obviously uncomfortable.

Lucifer has also been a nervous wreck. Alastor has never been more vulnerable. Lucifer has insisted on accompanying him anytime he left the hotel in the last month. Not that Alastor minded of course. He claimed Lucifer's protectiveness was endearing.

Lucifer fisted and relaxed his hands at his sides, probably wearing a path into the kitchen tile with his incessant pacing. Soon, Alastor would be bound to him, and he would in return share a portion of his power. Power wise they could never be equals, but his power levels should increase to somewhere under Charlie's. Then there'd be far fewer beings that could harm him.

Lucifer was about to make another turn to pace alongside the countertop, when suddenly there was an arm curled around his bicep, yanking him through a portal, and into darkness. Lucifer yelped in surprise, and stumbled forward in the darkness, until hands steadied him by the shoulders.

He could tell immediately it was Alastor. Not only by his spicy, earthy smell, but by the feeling of his hands on him, he would know him even blind. "Alastor? What are you d-mmm?" Lucifer stammered out in confusion, before Alastor pinned him to a solid flat surface behind him, with a hand over his mouth.

Alastor leaned forward to whisper in his ear, "Quiet my love. I wouldn't want to be caught by Rosie. She can be vicious." He breathed into his ear. The air brushed against his ear and down his neck, sending a shiver shooting down his spine. Lucifer could feel Alastor's grin against his skin as he kissed his neck. "I have felt your anxiety all morning, what is bothering you my dear?" Alastor asked between light kisses against his throat.

Lucifer sighed in delight, gripping Alastor's back to pull him closer, before his brows furrowed. "Today is just a big day. I've been worried about you. How you're handling all of this. If you're..." Lucifer sucked in a surprised breath as Alastor nipped the side of his neck lightly, and tried to muffle a light moan. "If you're ready, and you are sure you want this." Lucifer panted into the darkness surrounding them. Where even are they?

Alastor pulled backwards enough to grip Lucifer's face. Lucifer eyes were adjusting, and he could just make out Alastor's facial features, "Afraid I'll leave you at the altar?" Alastor joked, leaning in to kiss him, pressing into him.

Lucifer's hands tightened on his back, "Not funny." He murmured into Alastor's mouth, his eyebrows furrowing further.

Alastor chuckled, "Apologies. Do you trust me enough to know I'm ready for this?" He asked, dragging his thumbs along Lucifer's face.

Lucifer sighed, "I do. I'm sorry. It's just a big step, and I needed to be sure that you want this." He whispered, stroking Alastor's sides.

Alastor's radio static was muted, a low scratching in the otherwise silent room. Lucifer realized they must have been in a very small room. He was about to look around, when Alastor spoke up, "I want this Lucifer." He stated seriously, staring into Lucifer's eyes. "I want to be married to you. I'd do it without the bonding, without the new title. I just want to be yours, and for you to be mine. But I also want those other things with you." Alastor whispered to him, "I want to belong to you. To help you run Hell if you'd let me." He finished, looking around Lucifer's face.

Lucifer couldn't help his relieved smile. He could feel most of his anxiety melting away. "I want those things too. All of them." He confessed, a large smile spreading. Lucifer surged forward, claiming Alastor's mouth in a firm kiss, pressing his tongue into the demon's mouth, which he happily returned.

Lucifer pulled away after a few moments, panting heavily, "We should stop. They will be looking for us, and the ceremony starts soon." Lucifer looked around, finally realizing where they were. "Are we in a linen closet?" He panted out, feeling Alastor stoop down to kiss along his neck again.

Alastor chuckled against his skin. "A very specific closet. Don't you recognize it?" Alastor purred out, drifting his hand along Lucifer's ribs and down his hip.

Lucifer's eyes widened as he looked around. Oh. This is THAT closet. "This is where we... where you.." Lucifer stuttered out, his cheeks heating, and desire pooling in his stomach. ๐ŸŒถ

Alastor pulled at Lucifer's belt buckle, popping the belt through the loops on his dress slacks. "I just thought you seemed a little tense." He purred, sucking at a spot behind Lucifer's ear. "And I wanted to help you with that." Alastor whispered, unbuttoning Lucifer's pants with one hand, and sliding the zipper down slowly, before slipping his hand in to palm him over his briefs.

Lucifer hissed in pleasure, his head knocking back against the wooden door. His co*ck became rock hard with a few rubs of Alastor's palm. He tried to contain himself a little, tried to think around the cloud of desire filling his senses. "Is this a good idea Alastor?" Lucifer groaned out, as Alastor pulled his co*ck out and sank to his knees.

Alastor looked up at him, "I think it's the best idea." He hummed out, gripping Lucifer's co*ck firmly to lick around the head. "Will you deny me the chance to service you, my love?" Alastor asked, keeping his eyes on Lucifer's.

Lucifer panted and bit his lip as he gripped Alastor by the hair. Alastor sucked on the tip, causing Lucifer to groan, "I could mmm. Never deny you." Lucifer panted out, settling his hands in Alastor's hair.

Alastor hummed in approval before unleashing himself on him, sinking his co*ck into his mouth and swirling his tongue along the length. Lucifer couldn't hold back his moan, his eyes rolling back in pleasure.

Alastor reached a hand up to firmly clamp over Lucifer's mouth, silencing his desperate moans. Then grabbed Lucifer by the hip with the other hand to balance. He popped off for a second, "Try to keep quiet, won't you? We don't want anyone one discovering us and ruining our fun." He whispered, his voice dripping in seduction, before taking him back into his mouth.

Lucifer panted against Alastor's hand, inhaling through his nose. Alastor sucked him down deeper, until he skimmed the back of his throat. Lucifer whimpered into Alastor's palm. He glanced down, finding Alastor's heated stare on his, his mouth stuffed full of him, and Lucifer groaned, the sound muffled.

Alastor hollowed his cheeks and increased his pace, his red gaze burning hotter with every moan that escaped him. Lucifer tightened his hold on Alastor's hair, and Alastor groaned around his co*ck, sending vibrations up his spine.

Burning pleasure settled deep in his gut and slid down his spine. Lucifer moaned wantonly into the heat of Alastor's palm. Alastor's eyes lit up even more, increasing his pace as he recognized that Lucifer was catapulting towards the edge.

Lucifer panted, his head tossing back against the door once more. Alastor hummed in his throat, and that's all it took, he came with a muffled shout, pouring down Alastor's throat. Alastor moaned appreciatively, bobbing his head quickly to wring out every drop. Lucifer's eyes rolled back at the stimulation.

Alastor flicked his tongue around the head once more, before sliding off with a wet pop. Removing his hand from Lucifer's mouth, he worked quickly, tucking him back into his pants, zippering, and buttoning him up.

๐ŸŒถ (end)

As soon as Alastor was standing, Lucifer kissed him heatedly, entangling their tongues and gripping him by the back of his head and neck. Alastor returned the kiss enthusiastically. After a few moments, Alastor separated them to look around Lucifer's face with a self-satisfied smile, "Feeling better?" He asked with a flirty grin.

Lucifer smiled back, relishing in the endorphins from his org*sm. "Much." He confessed, "Can I do anything for you?" He asked, his eyes sparkling with desire. His hand slid down Alastor's stomach, and along the buttons of his vest slowly.

Alastor caught Lucifer's hand, pecking his palm softly, "Later my love. We have a wedding to catch." He said lowly. "See you out there?" Alastor asked, turning Lucifer's hand to kiss his left ring finger.

Lucifer shook off his disappointed pout and sighed happily, nodding, "I'll see you soon." He whispered, his eyes alight with adoration for his soon-to-be husband.

Alastor kissed him softly before sinking away into the shadows, and portalling off to who-knows-where.

Lucifer waved his hand, restoring his clothes to normal order, he couldn't help the lingering flush that colored his cheeks, and he attempted to straighten his disheveled hair. He reached for the door handle, turning and exiting the closet quickly. He glanced around to make sure no one saw him before stepping out and closing the closet door quietly behind him. He got three steps down the hall when he heard someone

"Dad! There you are!" Charlie called out. Lucifer jumped and spun towards his daughter. Charlie looked at him, and then the closet. "Were you just in the linen closet?" Charlie asked, her head tipping to the side confusedly as she approached him.

Lucifer scratched the back of his neck, "What?! No. Why would I be in there?" He laughed, his voice a touch too loud and his laugh forced.

Charlie glanced between him and the closet once before closing the distance. "Hmm. Weird. Anyways! I'm so glad I found you! The ceremony starts soon. Everybody has already arrived." Charlie announced excitedly. She reached up, fixing his tie that had been a tad ruffled from his tryst in the closet.

Lucifer tried not to blush or look guilty. "Wonderful. Thank you duckling. For all of this." He intoned softly, grabbing her hands and squeezing them lightly. "For your support. And especially for being my best woman." He said seriously, staring into her joy-filled eyes.

Charlie squeezed his hands back tightly, "Of course Dad. I'm so incredibly happy for you. That you found someone that makes you happy." She declared, winding her arm into Lucifer's as they made their way into the lobby.

Lucifer took that moment to look Charlie over. She wore a burgundy pantsuit that was one shouldered. At her waist was a tie-on skirt that flowed behind her as she walked, the same color as her pantsuit. "You look beautiful Duckling." He complimented.

Charlie ducked her head slightly, flushing at the compliment. A few blonde locks slid forward with the movement out of her elegant updo. "Thanks Dad." She said bashfully.

Lucifer and Charlie made their way to the back of the hotel, towards the gardens Lucifer and Alastor designed for the occasion. Lucifer glanced out of the doors, craning his neck to the ceremony sight.

Designing the garden took a lot of trial and error. Regular Earth plants can't survive in Hell's climate, so they had to get creative. They had to create a pocket dimension of sorts, that extended in a magical dome above them. You can feel the magic as you stepped inside, but it wasn't otherwise physically noticeable. It made it possible for plants to grow. Grass grew as well as decorative hedges and flowered bushes.

Alastor had made two requests. He wanted a large willow tree and fireflies. He claimed they reminded him of home. So that's what Lucifer made. The Hellish sun was starting to set and evening light set a pleasant backdrop. Charlie waved her hand, and the twinkle lights switched on through the patio and garden, setting a beautiful ambiance.

Both of them wanted a smaller wedding. Lucifer invited the Sins their plus ones. He also invited Gabriel, and of course any current occupant of the hotel. Alastor requested only Rosie. They both decided to extend invites to Carmilla Carmine, her daughters, and Zestial.

The seats were filled, Sinners, Overlord's and Sins talking to each other happily, all dressed up and excitement on their faces. Alastor stood at the end of the aisle, in between Stolas, who was acting as their officiant, and Rosie. Alastor leaned towards Rosie, whispering something in her ear, and Rosie swatted him in the chest before they both fell into a fit of laughter. Rosie wore an Edwardian style burgundy dress with black ruffles on the bottom and the wrists.

Alastor. Well, he looked incredible. He stood in a tailored black suit. He had a black vest and a shirt that was so dark red, it was inching towards black, and a black bow tie. His black pants and shiny black shoes completed his ensemble. He looked dapper and delicious. Lucifer was suddenly glad he couldn't get a good look at him in that closet, because they would have missed the wedding. Lucifer dragged his eyes up and down Alastor's frame, his blood heating.

He was brought out of his perusal by his daughter squeezing his bicep. "Dad? Are you ready?" She asked softly, her eyes already glinting with excitement, and probably the beginning of tears.

Lucifer sighed, nerves returning in full force. Oh f*ck. It's starting. Light piano music drifted through the air. Lucifer turned to Charlie and nodded mutely, his heart thrumming quickly.

Charlie guided him out of the hotel, and upon his arrival, the guests immediately stood. Lucifer leaned towards Charlie, noting Vaggie's lovestruck expression from amongst the crowd, "Maybe I'll be walking you down the aisle soon Duckling." He whispered, wiggling his brows at her.

Charlie shot her gaze to his, her cheeks flushing and her eyes wide, before shooting her gaze over to Vaggie, and then back at him, "What?!" She choked out.

Lucifer couldn't help his laugh, "Just something to think about. No rush." He whispered to her right before they entered the aisle.

Charlie tightened her hand on his arm and laughed, saying nothing else. Probably because they were incredibly close to other ears. Lucifer lifted his gaze to Alastor's, finding his eyes already on him, his hands were folded neatly behind his back. Alastor's gaze was mesmerizing, he hardly noted the guests around him, his attention entrapped by his fiancรฉ's crimson stare.

They reached the end of the aisle, and his attention was dragged away as Charlie kissed his cheek, before stepping behind him to stand to Stolas's left. Fireflies drifted through the air above and around them.

Alastor held out a hand and Lucifer slid his palm into his warm hold. Alastor dropped a quick kiss on the back of his hand before tugging him forward to stand in front of Stolas, who towered over both of them with a hefty black book in his hands.

Lucifer couldn't help but send glances over at Alastor, who was doing the same thing. Lucifer caught Rosie's beaming smile as she clasped her hands in front of herself, pressing them to her chest.

His attention snapped to Stolas as he cleared his throat, "Welcome all. I am delighted to oversee the wedding and binding ceremony of Lucifer Morningstar, Sin of Pride, and King of Hell. And Alastor, Radio demon, Overlord, and King Consort to be." Stolas introduced, his voice clear and official. Alastor squeezed his hand tightly, dragging Lucifer's attention to him, excitement shining in both of their eyes.

Stolas smiled at both of them, his four eyes blinking in unison. "Now, for the exchanging of vows and rings. We will do the spell work afterwards. Lucifer, would you like to begin?" He guided, gesturing to him with an open hand.

Lucifer sucked in a deep breath and nodded, turning towards Alastor, and holding his hands with his. He looked up, staring into his crimson eyes, which shone with adoration.


You brought light back into a life that was incredibly dark. You showed me what love and devotion felt like. I would fall from Heaven a thousand more times to stay with you. You and Charlie are my home, my reason for breathing, and my salvation.

I promise to cherish you. I promise to protect you, to love you, to comfort you, and support you. I will dream with you, celebrate with you, and walk beside you through whatever our afterlives may bring. You are my partner, my best friend, and the owner of my heart, and I will love you for the rest of eternity." Lucifer swore, bending to kiss Alastor's knuckles.

Lucifer turned to the side, reaching for the ring from Charlie, who slid it into his palm, happy tears streaming down her cheeks. Lucifer turned back around to slide the ring on Alastor's finger. He couldn't help the wide smile stretching across his face.

Stolas turned to Alastor, gesturing for him to begin. Alastor nodded before turning to Lucifer, squeezing his hands tightly.


For most of my afterlife I have been alone, and I believed myself to be content to stay that way. You entered my life so suddenly, and you saved my life," He announced, bringing their interlocked hands to his chest, "In more ways than just the physical. Your love is the greatest gift, and I endeavor to deserve you with every breath. I thank every hardship and pain I endured in my life, because they lead me to you.

I promise to devote the rest of my exsistence to your happiness. I promise to be your listening ear, and your support when you grow weary. I promise to encourage you in your dreams and aspirations. I promise to love you fiercely, to cherish every moment we share. With you, my love, eternity would not be enough." Alastor stated, kissing Lucifer's hands.

Lucifer felt his breath hitch, and tears collecting in his eyes. Alastor reached back to Rosie, who set the ring in his palm with one hand, the other blotting away tears with a handkerchief. Alastor slid the ring on Lucifer's finger, squeezing his hands firmly.

Things were quiet for a few moments as Stolas dabbed his eyes with his own conjured handkerchief, before clearing his throat, and opening the large black book. "Right. Now, for the binding..." He began, reading over the text quickly, waving his hand to make the book hover before him, and conjuring a small blade. "I will make a small cut in each of your palms, and you will clasp your hands together to exchange blood." He explained, "Then you will repeat after me," Stolas slid forward, holding his hand out to Alastor.

Alastor accepted the cut with hardly a wince, red blood filling his palm immediately. Lucifer had to focus on keeping the wound Stolas cut on him open, willing his body to not heal yet, and they clasped hands, their blood intermingling between them. Lucifer met Alastor's eyes, love and devotion shining between them.

Stolas murmured the beginning of the binding spell, and they both gasped, feeling the edges of their souls beginning to intertwine. He could feel Alastor like a sixth sense, his presence in his mind and his heart. Stolas looked between them, "Repeat after me...

I share my soul with you. Intertwined forevermore. In life and death, I pledge myself to you. Never to part. I seal this vow with my blood." Stolas said slowly and clearly.

Alastor and Lucifer repeated it word for word, their souls intertwining with each word before snapping together fully. They stared at each other wide-eyed, their fingers interlocked between them. Lucifer could feel, everything. Alastor's heartbeat, his feelings. His awareness of him filled up his entire existence, and shockingly, he was vaguely aware of his thoughts.

Alastor's soul was a magnificent thing, it entangled with his like a pair of dancers, cool and soothing against his own blazing and restless soul, an inner balance he'd never felt before.

The way Alastor stared at him, wide-eyed, he assumed he was experiencing the same thing. Lucifer co*cked his head, considering the possibilities of their binding. He couldn't wait to test the boundaries of their bond. He felt Alastor's amusem*nt at his curiosity.

Stolas came up beside them, grabbing their attention. "I am pleased to pronounce you married, by our laws and customs." He announced, "You may seal your union with a kiss." Stolas declared, hooting happily.

Alastor stepped closer immediately, touching the sides of Lucifer's face tenderly, reverently. He could feel the earnest loyalty and unwavering love in Alastor's soul, it stalled the air in his lungs. Alastor surged forward, pressing their lips together firmly.

Several things happened at once. Firstly, the wedding guests erupted in loud cheers. They clapped and cheered as Lucifer wrapped his hands around Alastor's back, pulling him closer.

Secondly, Lucifer could feel Alastor's power sink into place, officially a Morningstar by blood and oath. He was aware of Alastor's power as much as his own, and he could feel how taken off guard Alastor was at its intensity.

They stopped their kiss, intertwining their hands between them. Alastor had a black crown resting on his head, it flickered like black smoke over his hair. A match to the flaming one that sit atop his own head. Smoke and flame, like they were eachothers beginning and end.

Lucifer was so happy, his wings shot from his back, and he wrapped Alastor in a crushing hug, and with a peal of laughter, shot them fifty feet into the air, spinning them around happily.

Alastor's startled yelp turned into an echoing laugh. Lucifer kissed Alastor again and again between peals of laughter. Alastor had no choice but to hold on.

When they made it to the ground, they were immediately surrounded by heartfelt congratulations.

"Welcome to the family Alastor," Charlie called out, wrapping them in a tight hug.

"Congratulations your highnesses. No one deserves happiness more." Rosie said, still wiping tears from her sunken eyes.

Asmodeus stepped forward, extending his congratulations, and introduced them to his partner, Fizz. A tall imp that resembled a jester. Lucifer noted that Asmodeus was shooting daggers over at Mammon. Lucifer sighed, feuding Sins are a pain to deal with.

Alastor squeezed his hand, offering him a comforting smile. He could feel his reassurances like he'd spoken out loud. They would handle it. Together.

Angel Dust and Cherri Bomb came up soon after. Angel was dressed just on the edge of promiscuity, wearing a black, tight mini dress and thigh high black boots. "Well, it looks like I'll have to change my nicknames for the both of you." Angel Dust drawled, crossing his arms and grinning at them. "Radio Daddy and Demon Daddy just don't cut it.." He considered, tapping one of his hands against his chin. "Royal Daddies? No. I can do better. Give me a little, I'll think of it." He joked. Cherri and the spider extended their congratulations, before moving on to the reception.

Vaggie gave them both hugs, even managing to look at Alastor with a genuine smile, lacking in its usual distrust and skepticism, before joining Charlie.

Husk strolled over, scratching the back of his neck, "Congrats boss," He said to Alastor who dipped his head in gratitude. He turned to Lucifer, slapping him on the shoulder, "Good luck, if anybody can put up with him for eternity, it would be you." He announced with a disbelieving look like he couldn't believe he chose to marry Alastor willingly. "I do wish you both a happy marriage," He admitted, nodding at both of them before moving on.

Lucifer turned to Alastor with an arched brow, Alastor laughed next to him, "Husker is a character, I think that's the closest to approval we'll get from him." He guessed, looking down at him amusedly. Lucifer shrugged noncommittally before moving on to the next guest.

Nifty clung onto Alastor's leg with a maniacal look, cackling. "Alastor is married to the ultimate bad boy." She announced before bouncing up and down excitedly. "I'm going to make the two Kings roach crowns." She babbled excitedly before shooting towards the hotel with a demented laugh.

Alastor chuckled at her retreating figure, entertained by her quirks. Lucifer laughed more uncomfortably, wondering if he'd be wearing dead bugs by the end of the night. He would wear it to avoid the little cyclop's wrath. He saw what that little thing did to Adam.

They entered the after party just as evening drifted into night time. Twinkling lights and fireflies lit up the party. People mingled around the dancefloor, which was bordered by circular tables with burgundy table clothes.

Alastor offered his hand just as music started, a soft jazzy tune that added to the romantic enviornment. "Would you like to join me for a dance my dear?" He asked, "I want to take a spin with my husband." Alastor stated with a broad grin. Lucifer could feel how much he enjoyed being able to say that, about as much as Lucifer enjoyed hearing it.

Lucifer slid his palm into Alastor's and let him lead them onto the dance floor, "You know, I don't think we've danced together before." Lucifer noted, placing a hand on Alastor's shoulder, and adjusting their hands so Alastor could lead.

Alastor gripped him around the waist, "A truely lamentable fact which needed to be remedied as soon as possible." He drawled, pulling him close, so their chests touched as he lead them into a slow dance, "I enjoy dancing, especially fast-paced ones. I'll have to see if you can keep up with me. Have you ever danced the Charleston?" Alastor queried, spinning them around effortlessly.

Lucifer laughed, his smile curling devilishly. "Oh once or twice. I think you'll be the one trying to keep up with me." He teased with a challenging look in his eye.

Alastor co*cked his head, his eyes alight with the challenge, before pulling him closer. He lowered his head so the sides of their faces were touching, still guiding them gracefully around the dance floor. "I love you Lucifer." He said softly, tightening his grip on his waist.

Lucifer closed his eyes, content with Alastor leading him around the floor. His chest was overflowing with joy and contentment. "I love you, Alastor." He said softly. Thrn he paused, focusing on their bond, "Is this how you've felt this whole time? All these months of feeling my heartbeat," He murmured to him, feeling their hearts beating in synch. "I can feel your happiness. Your contentment. Your amusem*nt." Lucifer continued. "I've never felt so connected to anyone." He admitted.

Alastor turned his head to kiss his temple, "There are parts that are the same," He stated in a low voice, "But nothing this extensive. This clear. I feel you as clearly as I feel myself. It is quite fascinating." He remarked, spinning Lucifer once, before pulling him back in close, "I'm intrigued what sex would be like, bonded like this." He wondered aloud but still at a whisper, his voice deepening slightly.

Lucifer shivered, imagining all the possibilities. Alastor could obviously feel how that affected him, by his smug smile.

Over Alastor's shoulder, he saw Gabriel arrive, who nodded to him once with a wide smile. Lucifer's heart beat picked up in excitement, causing Alastor to look at him curiously. "I have a gift for you." Lucifer announced, his smile wide as his heart thrummed in anticipation.

Alastor tilted his head in question. Lucifer grabbed his hand, half-dragging him off the dancefloor, and towards the willow tree, leaving the party behind.

๐ŸฆŒ๐ŸŽ™๐Ÿ“ป (Alastor's POV) ๐Ÿ“ป๐ŸŽ™๐ŸฆŒ

Alastor let Lucifer drag him towards the willow tree. He could feel Lucifer's excitement in his chest. "What exactly is this gift?" Alastor called out, right before the tree, the vine like branches swaying softly.

Lucifer brought them to a stop, his back to the tree, and grabbed both of Alastor's hands in his, "I wanted to give you a wedding present. I had to call in a few favors, but I couldn't think of anything you might want more." Lucifer explained, his eyes shining.

Alastor smiled down at his new husband, "I'll admit you have me intrigued. But you didn't have to get me anything." Alastor said, his eyes flicking to the waving vines of the branches and back to him.

Lucifer smiled wider, "I know." He said simply, before stepping backwards through the vines, dragging Alastor with him.

Alastor released one of his hands to better part the swaying branches. They cleared them within a few steps, emerging near the trunk of the tree. Alastor's eyes immediately landed on a lone figure, a woman, standing to the left of the tree.

Alastor's eyes widened as he took in her familiar face, "Maman?" He asked, French coming forward immediately. He stumbled forward, his heart stuttering in shock. He felt tears flood his eyes, "Mom? Is it you?" He asked. It can't be. How was this possible?

Her face was exactly like the last time he'd seen her, disregarding her angellic wings. The same cocoa skin, short black hair, and bright brown eyes, "Alastor? Mon garรงon? Is it you?" She asked with wide, tear-filled eyes.

Alastor threw his arms around her, squeezing her small frame in his arms, his own body trembling with shock, "It's me Mama. It's me." He said, his voice shaking. He dropped his radio filter, leaving his natural voice.

"My baby." His mother wept, pulling her to him firmly, "I have missed you for so long." She cried into his chest, "You never arrived in Heaven. I've missed you every day. Every single day." She cried, pulling back to hold the sides of his face. "I eventually realized you must have come here. To well..." She paused, her brows furrowing.

"Hell?" Alastor supplied, his ears flicking with anxiety. "Yes. I've been here since 1933." He said softly, not trying to distress her.

It did not work. His mom sucked in a shocked breath, "You died so young! What happened?" She asked, looking him over for answers.

A sudden noise, had their heads turning, "I'm going to grab some water. Take your time." Lucifer said kindly, before slipping through the vines. Alastor appreciated Lucifer giving him alone time with his mom for a potentially very difficult conversation.

"Is that him? Your husband? Lucifer?" She asked. Alastor gripped her hands, and conjured a bench for them to sit on.

"It is. You would love him Maman." He stated, a genuine smile pulling at his mouth as he thought of his now husband.

"I half love him already, for organizing this. He worked so hard to get me to visit." His mom explained, "Just start from the beginning mon garรงon." She encouraged, tapping his hands with one of hers.

So he did. He detailed the day she died, finding her crumpled and bloody body in their house after waking up from his own injuries. How he buried her himself. Tears fell down both of their cheeks as he explained how broken it left him. Then with a deep breath, he explained the rest. How incredibly angry he was, how it sonsumed him, an unending rage. How he killed his father, and how he kept killing, how he couldn't bring himself to stop. How he'd hunt other murderers and rapists and bury them out in the woods or disposed of them in the bayou.

His mother listened on silently, stroking his hand with her thumb. He then grazed over his own death, not wanting to distress his mother, simply claiming it was a hunting accident, stating a hunter mistook him for a deer, and how it was very quick. Then he detailed his time in Hell. How he became an Overlord, how he came to be at the hotel, and then the circ*mstances of the last year.

He detailed their first fight with the exorcists, and getting gravelly injured by Adam. His mom had gasped, and he tried to soothe her with his thumb. Then he explained how Lucifer had saved him, how they slowly fell in love. When he got to the second battle with Heaven, his mother was crying steadily, listening to him describe the fight, the subsequent loss of Lucifer, and then his return.

His mom wrapped him in a tight hug by the end, "I am so proud of you Alastor." She stated finally, pinching him after she caught his disbelieving look. "Don't give me that look. I may not approve of all the uh...things you did to get here. But I understand them. And you are happy. That's more than I could ever ask for." She intoned, reaching up to stroke his cheek. "I'm proud to be your Mama, Alastor. There's little you could do to change that." She stated.

Alastor felt his own tears slide down his cheeks as he wrapped his Mom in another tight hug. He hasn't seen her in roughly a hundred years, but he missed her everyday. He asked her about her life in Heaven, and she detailed the friends she had made, and how she was doing, which was generally very happy, except her missing him.

After she was done, his mom looked him over, "You're so skinny! Are you eating enough?" She fretted, touching along his shoulders and his vest.

Alastor laughed, capturing her hand over his vest with his, "Yes Maman. I'm eating enough. I even make your jambalaya recipe on occasion." He admitted.

It was then that Lucifer returned, sliding through the vines with some cups in his hands. Alastor knew he had taken his time, giving them plenty of time to talk, and he was so incredibly grateful to him for it. They stood from the bench as Lucifer approached.

Lucifer looked between the two of them quickly before turning his attention to Alastor's mom, offering her a cup, "Hello. I'm so excited to meet you. I've heard so much about you." He greeted with a tentative smile.

His mom set the cup on the bench to throw her arms around Lucifer, gripping his face to plant a kiss on each cheek, "I am so happy to meet you Lucifer. Alastor was telling me all about you. I am so happy he's with someone who loves him so much." She gripped his hand in hers, squeezing tightly, "Thank you for taking care of my baby. And for making this all happen." She thanked him profusely.

Lucifer blushed at her attention, "Of course. I'm so pleased that the idea actually worked. And as for the rest well...I would do anything to make him happy," Lucifer swore, looking over at him.

Alastor grabbed Lucifer's hand to kiss the back of it, his chest filling with gratitude. His mom looked between them, her eyes alight with joy. "Well looks like I have a son in law! And apparently a grandbaby! Can I meet her?" His mom asked, looking between them.

Lucifer looked over at him, "I don't see why not. Gabriel did say she can stay several hours before he has to return her to Heaven." Lucifer explained.

Alastor's smile widened, "Let's go make some introductions Maman." He declared, offering his mom his elbow. Then reached for Lucifer's hand with his other hand, before emerging from the tree to rejoin their reception party.

๐ŸŽ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ‘‘ (Lucifer's POV) ๐Ÿ‘‘๐Ÿ๐ŸŽ

The rest of the night was filled with so much celebration and laughter. Alastor's mom and Charlie were attached at the hip, happily chatting between the two of them. Alastor dragged him onto the dancefloor for several dances. He was an amazing dancer. The Charleston left them both gasping for air and laughing hard.

Gabriel grabbed him after a few songs, throwing his arm around his shoulder, "Congratulations brother. I'm so happy for you." He commended. "Thank you for inviting me." He thanked, squeezing him tightly.

Lucifer pat Gabriel's back, "We are happy to have you here with us. And I can't thank you enough for bringing Alastor's mom." He noted, looking at Alastor and his mom twirling on the dancefloor, delighted smiles on both of their faces.

"I think Father is harboring a lot of guilt for casting you out again. He was more than willing to grant you your request." He stated conversationally, looking over the crowd.

Lucifer chuckled, "I would say there's no need, but if guilt is what took to get Father to agree, then I'll take it." He shrugged in acceptance.

They were joined suddenly by Angel Dust, who slid in front of them, "Sorry to interrupt but I wanted to give ya a head's up. Nifty has had a lot of drinks, and is msking her creepy bug crowns again." Angel Dust explained, fluffing his hair and wincing apologetically.

Lucifer sighed, looking around for the little cyclopes. "Thank you for the warning. I'll have Alastor try to put her to bed." He stated.

Angel Dust nodded before turning attention to his brother. He dragged his multi-colored eyes up and down Gabriel, before tilting his head flirtatiously. "Do you dance angel boy?" He drawled, pointing over his shoulder towards the dance floor.

Gabriel's eyes widened and he blushed gold, "Oh me? I. Well...I shouldn't." He stuttered out, obviously flustered.

Angel Dust grinned before stepping closer to slide a nail down Gabriel's collar. He clicked his tongue, "Oh that's too bad. I'm sure I could teach you a thing or two." He flirted boldly before turning to leave, "Find me if you change your mind." He purred, before sauntering away.

Gabriel's gaze trailed after the spider. Lucifer smiled in amusem*nt. Poor Gabriel. He looked stunned. Lucifer had to clear his throat to bring his brother's attention back.

Gabriel quickly turned his head, his cheeks flushing gold again. "Who was that?" He asked, still looking a little dazed.

Lucifer smiled widely, patting Gabriel's back. "That was one of the residents of Charlie's hotel. Angel Dust." He explained quickly.

Gabriel turned his head again, looking towards where Angel Dust has disappeared, "A candidate for redemption? How...nice." He stated distractedly. At Lucifer's raised brow he hurried to continue, "Oh! I forgot to tell you! Father has allowed me to be Heaven's ambassador for the redemption project. So I'll be around a lot more." Gabriel said excitedly.

Lucifer's eyes widened, "That's wonderful Gabriel!" He threw his arms around his brother for a quick hug. Then he flicked his eyes over to the side, towards Angel Dust at the refreshment table, and his smile widened, "You'all be able to get to know the potential redeeming sinners personally." He said, untangling himself from his brother, and patting his shoulder, "I have to go find my husband, why don't you go grab a drink." He offered, gesturing towards the refreshment table with his chin.

His brother nodded in agreement before turning towards the table. He paused when he came up beside Angel Dust, but it looked like they were mingling. They'd be a cute couple.

He didn't hear Alastor come up behind him over the music until he wrapped his arms around him. Alastor kissed his neck, "Now what are you up to?" He murmured into his skin. "Are you playing matchmaker?" He questioned, looking over at Gabriel and Angel Dust. Who were looking very into each other, at least from their vantage point.

Lucifer laughed, turning in Alastor's arms to face him. He dragged his hands under Alastor's coat, to drag his nails lightly down his back. "Maybe." He drawled, smiling flirtatiously up at his husband. "They could be good together." He suggested.

Alastor stared over Lucifer's head before looking back down at him, "Angel Dust will tear your poor brother apart." He warned, amusem*nt coloring his voice. He slid his hands up Lucifer's neck to tilt his chin up, threading his fingers through his hair.

Lucifer shivered in response, "Gabriel is a big boy. He'll be fine." He reassured. He'll be alright, he was sure of it. Mostly.

Alastor leaned forward to kiss him lightly before whispering in his ear, "Can I steal you away?" He purred lowly into his ear, heating his blood. "I'm eager to bed my husband." He said lowly, kissing the skin below his ear.

Lucifer shivered again, his hands tightening on Alastor's back, digging his nails in. "But what about the party?" He asked breathily.

"Most of the guests are too plastered to notice that we've snuck away. We'll be back before they know we even left." He whispered in his ear, his hand sliding down Lucifer's chest, and down his vest. "You look too delicious tonight my love. I need to have you." He stated, his voice filled with sensual promise.

Their combined arousal burned between them, fanning the flames hotter. Lucifer glanced around quickly, checking to see if anyone is currently watching them, before nodding his head in agreement.

Alastor's eyes lit up with excitement, and he portalled them back to his room in a swirl of shadows.

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