Our services in Brief

Overseas research
Translations (written word)
Foreign copywriting
Interpreting (spoken word)
Support at international business meetings
Cultural advice

Why choose e.a.m. LANGUAGE CONSULTANTS? - The Benefits

Cost-effectiveness Avoid the fixed costs of staffing an overseas department. We eliminate the high overheads of full-time linguists

Flexibility One day you may need support in Japan and the next in Germany.

Professionality You look professional in front of overseas clients. You get native foreign nationals providing top level linguistic support.

Increased overseas profits Increased overseas business and profits for your company

Increased cultural and technical understanding e.a.m. provides cultural and technical understanding - the linguist or business consultant we place on your project will have worked in your field / country of business and will deal with ease with the subject matter and culture in hand, showing that you know your client's business in their language.